I know it is SUCH a stereotype for a vegan to be "uptight" and "stuck up" about their beliefs. Some vegans only have other vegan friends, and some vegans have non-vegan friends and just bitch at them for not being vegan. I am actually not one of those vegans. Yes I believe in my vegan lifestyle, but obviously I'm completely self-aware in the sense that this isn't mainstream. Most people don't even know what a vegan lifestyle really entails. Whether you are vegan or not, there is something that I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY believe in...and that's buying cosmetics and toiletries completely cruelty free. For those who haven't been educated on this subject (which is completely fine because I mean it's not broadcasted for the world to know), so many animals die and contract illnesses and diseases from animal testing. This to me is SOOOO fucked up. Like beyond fucked up. Why should an animal have to die for me to wear my favorite concealer or wash my hair with my favorite shampoo? These are just cosmetic material items?! I don't understand why animal testing is still a thing, I haven't researched that. But many brands, even cheap brands such as wet n' wild and E.L.F. do not test on animals. Then I see brands charging 80 dollars for one single foundation who test their products on animals. Just a waste. Next time you are browsing through the makeup aisle, I encourage you to just put the world into prospective for just one moment. Vegans, vegetarians, or people who only eat meat (is that a thing?)...it doesn't matter. It's something we can all be aware of and be more conscious about. 

Here is a 2016 list of beauty brands/companies who do not animal test.